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Have a Healthy Holiday Season

One of the most avoidable yet pernicious epidemics in our country today is diabetes and/ or metabolic disorders; yet these conditions are avoidable and correctable. It is shameful that the Big Food corporations have knowingly and willingly contributed to this situation by providing so much cheap, processed, and contaminated food.

However, there are some extremely easy and cost effective methods to counter this appalling situation. Intermittent Fasting ( fasting for a certain number of hours a day or fasting on certain days of the week) combined with non-GMO foods has become a well-recognized and medically accepted means of correcting insulin imbalances and getting people off costly medication.

It is for this reason that I am recommending this book this month:

If you cannot get the book at the moment then check out the following article at

We are in the midst of a food revolution. We are learning to take charge of our choices: for our lives, our food and our medical care. Don't let anyone push you around. The information is available...fight to find it, get it and keep it available.

The holiday season is beginning. You can have a wonderful season and still hold on to your health by making some smart decisions. Read how Intermittent Fasting can help you have a very healthy holiday season…or even start out the new year with an intermittent fasting protocol to get your new year off to a healthy start

Happy Holidays to all!!!

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