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What is Dragon's Blood

Since we’re introducing an extremely unique “Soap of the Month” in October, we thought you deserve some interesting information about Dragon’s Blood. It is a resin/latex sap from a tree (the Croton lechleri) in South America that has some amazing properties. Dragon’s Blood is incredibly regenerative and healing, with powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities.

This remarkable ingredient contains a broad range of naturally-occurring compounds. The sap is rich in protective antioxidant phenols, and anti-inflammatory compounds of various kinds. Because of these active elements Dragon’s blood sap helps to protect the cells of the skin and reduces redness and swelling. It also contains proanthocyanidins, which actually repair collagen, the lattice-like main protein that makes up much of our tissues that gives skin its youthful toned appearance. Dragon’s blood also contains taspine, a recognized tissue-healing agent. Dragon’s Blood demonstrates antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity which, of course, assist in preventing and healing acne and any other skin disturbances.

Our gorgeous Dragon’s Blood Bar will be available in October – packed with all the fatty acids needed to keep your skin naturally healthy and lovely. Lauric acid (coconut oil) is a building block of proteins and collagen for firm radiance. Oleic acid (macadamia oil) can seal in moisture very effectively, as it tends to be very moisturizing and regenerating to our skin. And finally linoleic acid (hemp seed oil) has the ability to heal, hydrate and plump. So when you add the Dragon’s Blood, the activated charcoal that detoxifies, the silk proteins and horsetail botanical extract to increase collagen activation, sea buckthorn botanical extract which promotes skin hydration, elasticity, and skin regeneration and benzoin which tones as well as compliments the musky woody fragrance…we’ve got a phenomenal experience waiting for you.

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