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Scrub Away the Winter Blues

Stone Tower
About this time of year it seems that winter will never end; especially when you look in the mirror and see gray lifeless looking skin staring back at you. Never fear and don't dispair, my is at hand. The secret to radiant, smooth winter ravaged skin is.......exfoliation combined with moisturization.....a good face/body scrub mask is the answer. First we need to scrub off the dead and dry cells on the surface of the skin then let the soothing detoxifying effects of the mask work their magic by drawing the impurities out of the pores while tightening and toning. The final touch of magic is to follow the mask with a luscious moisturizer. As I mentioned, this process can be done just on the face or go for a full treatment of face, neck and decolletage. Happy scrubing darlins!

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