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Winter Skin Woes

Tree in Snow
As we begin the winter months, I feel the need to remind you, my darlins, that this is a very stressful time for our skin. I am also reminding you that your skin is your largest organ and is the organ most exposed to the environment. Because of this I have decided to recommend a holiday present that each of you should decide to give yourselves. You already know how strongly I feel about the need to drink high quality filtered water because of the lack of confidence any of us can have in the quality of our city water. I must add to this that the same water I am advising you not to put 'into' your body I am now advising you NOT to put 'on' your body. Your skin absorbs all the toxins ( chlorine, fluoride and metals, etc.) found in city water. Therefore I am recommending that you invest in a shower filter for yourselves this holiday season. Your skin and hair will thank you AND you will see and feel a difference. Til next month mes petits chers.....

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