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Cuppa Joe for Your Skin and Hair

Coffee, if consumed in moderation (2 – 3 cups a day) is a very good antioxidant both internally and externally. Most people know that drinking coffee gives the body an energizing boost but drinking coffee (black) also detoxifies the liver which helps to clear and brighten the skin. Coffee ‘on’ the skin, however, also boosts our skin’s natural defences by reducing free radical damage, protecting skin from UVB sun damage and encouraging cell regeneration which increases collagen production thereby improving hydration and skin elasticity. Caffeine also increases blood circulation at the skin’s surface which reduces blotchiness and puffiness. Consistent use of products with coffee extract can help to reduce under eye dark circles. The use of coffee as a daily exfoliant can help reduce cellulite. Caffeine helps to tighten skin and inhibits the growth of skin cancer cells.

There are delightful benefits for hair, as well. Caffeine stimulates the growth of hair roots; thereby helping to prevent baldness and hair loss while adding natural shine to the hair shaft.



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