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Water! A Necessity of Life?

We work very hard at Classic Purity to keep you informed about all the ways to keep your whole self healthy - skin (body), mind and spirit. I think it is easy to understand that what we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put on our bodies. Water is an essential need for human beings and pure clean water is essential for lovely, clear, radiant skin. Unfortunately, in most communities in America today that is not possible. Our municipal water is treated with many unecessary chemicals which we then put into and on our bodies. Please take the time to check out this website And might I suggest that after reading this article you check out another Until we can get our government to respond to the problem, we can at least use effective filters in our homes... for drinking, cooking and bathing. Having a shower filter is obviously very important to prevent your skin from absorbing the clorine and fluoride in municipal water. These measures can make an enormous difference in your overall health but certainly in the health of your skin.


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