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Why Meditation for My Skin?

Breathing - Meditation and Your Brain.....Helps My Skin How????

Breathing is obviously what allows this amazing organic machine, our body, to keep functioning. That is not a novel concept…however, you would be surprised how many people DO NOT actually breathe properly, thereby not allowing the maximum potential for their body’s metabolism.

Let me be clear, this is not new information. The ancient yogis and Zen masters knew this centuries ago.

The type of breathing I am referring to is the type of breathing done in various forms of meditation.

Techniques that train your body to utilize deep breathing, as opposed to the shallow normal breathing we do most of the time.


What does deep breathing do for my body?

The breathing state that you reach in meditation accomplishes many things:

The immune system is strengthened

High blood pressure is lowered

Blood lactate levels are lowered, thereby reducing stress and the production of stress hormones

This stress reduction reduces the occurrence of tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problems

Serotonin production is increased which provides for improvement of overall mood and behavior

Your energy level improves because the circulation of oxygen has increased and THIS improves the appearance of your skin because it provides for more efficient detoxification

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