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Oxidation and Your Skin

We use the word oxidation a great deal; but we never really seem to understand what it actually means. Take a look at this relic of a ship above. The rust is literally corroding the metal to dust. This is oxidation.


What does that have to do with our skin?Our skin does not ages....and depending on what we do to slow down or speed up this process determines how old we look and feel, inside and out.

Chemicals and preservatives and artificial ingredients (which are actually chemicals) are oxidizers for our bodies. Therefore, removing as many as possible of these elements from our bodies AND from our environment creates less oxidative stress on our systems.


By adding healthy antioxidants to our diets and personal care items, we can actually have a very real impact on pre-mature aging.

Be sure and check out my recommendations for the month to reduce your oxidative stress levels on you body and skin.


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