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Modern skin care technologies are realizing the value of ancient methods. Oil dissolves oil and, therefore, this rich nurturing oil will clean your skin while maintaining the moisture balance of the skin's cell's matrix.You may experience some minor skin breakouts for a few days as your skin adjusts to the elimination of the buildup of toxins in your skin from using commercial products.

Exquisite Cleansing Oil (4 oz)

  • Directions: Shake the bottle before using. Pour a teaspoon size puddle into one palm. Rub your hands together and spread over entire face, neck and dècolletage. Massage the entire area gently. Wet face cloth with very hot water, place the cloth over the face and count to 20, gently wipe off, rinse cloth and repeat the rinsing with cloth twice. Pat dry. Follow with either Day or Night Serum.

    Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Castor Oil, Pumpkin Oil, Sesame Oil, Lemon EO, Geranium EO

     *** If you have sensitive skin be sure you do a patch test on the back of your neck 24 hours before you start using this product regularly. If you experience itching or redness stop using.

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