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This is a dual component mask to insure that each time you use it, it is the freshest possible for your skin and also in order that there is no need for preservatives.This mask cleanses the skin of toxins from the environment while at the same time reducing dryness and flakiness and improving skin clarity and elasticity. It hydrates and increases radiance by increasing circulation. It may also be used daily as a face scrub.

Matcha/Turmeric Gold & Pearl Facial Scrub Mask (8oz, 4oz, 1.7oz)

  • Directions:

    Using the included wooden scoop, spoon out about one tablespoon of clay powder (size of a quarter) into your mixing jar. Shake the bottle of Activation Solution vigorously, then add one capful of liquid into the mixing jar. Stir around with spatula to form a paste (you can thicken or thin this mask to your preference using more or less liquid). Spread the mask over your face with the spatula, then start massaging the mask very gently around the entire face (avoiding the eye socket area) for less than a minute. You may add a few extra drops of the activation liquid to keep the mask liquid. Now, let the mask dry completely and then rinse off with tepid water. If you are using as a scrub you may wash off at this point without waiting for the mask to dry. If you do not use all the mask you mixed, you may screw on the lid to the mixing jar and save for no more than two days. If you have used all the mixed mask then rinse and dry the mixing jar and spatula and store in your organza bag. Follow with one of our soothing serums.


    Dry Ingredients: A proprietary blend of international clays, activated charcoal, matcha green tea, pearl powder, 24K gold powder, turmeric powder, ground tepezcohuite bark, and a propriety blend of botanical extracts.


    Wet Ingredients: Hammamelis Virginiana Water, Rosemary and Rose Floral Water  and a proprietary blend of essential oils.


    *Essential Oils are highly concentrated, if you have sensitive skin be sure you do a patch test on the back of your neck 24 hours before you start using this product regularly. If you experience itching or redness stop using.

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