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Day Facial Serum-  This luxurious treatment pampers your face, neck and décolletage with anti-premature aging and wrinkle reducing vitamins, minerals and proteins (natural amino acids) while providing a nourishing, hydrating barrier from environmental toxins. It also contains completely natural UV protection.
Directions: After cleansing your face shake the bottle of serum well. Using the dropper, squeeze a dime sized amount into one palm,rub hands together for 5 seconds and then smooth oil over cheeks, forehead and chin. Then gently massage over the entire face with the finger tips, repeat this procedure with the neck and the décolletage.

Day Facial Serum (2oz)

  • Ingredients: A proprietary blend of exotic natural, organic and wild crafted carrier oils combined with essential oils. *Essential Oils are highly concentrated, if you have sensitive skin be sure you do a patch test on the back of your neck 24 hours before you start using this product regularly. If you experience itching or redness stop using.
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