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Company Philosophy

At Classic Purity we are dedicated to providing the purest, most healthy products free of chemicals, preservatives and artificial ingredients. As a result, this company is committed to freshness. Your product does not sit in a warehouse waiting to be sent to you. Your product will be mixed when you order it.


Our products are made with  the highest quality clays (pink, blue, green, kaolin, activated charcoal, bentonite, multani mitti and rhassoul) and  exotic carrier and essential oils from ethical producers all over the world. These truly unique products assist in the detoxification of your skin (the largest organ of your body) while providing anti-inflammatory, nourishing, beautiful graceful aging/anti-wrinkle, healing, cell renewing, exfoliating elements to rejuvenate and regenerate skin tissues.


Our products provide essential amino acids for collagen production, vital fatty acids for maintaining the optimum lipid/water barrier of your skin while reducing trans epidermal water loss. Pure silk and natural pearl powders in some of the soaps and serums encourage your skin to draw moisture from the environment while supporting healthy collagen activity. We use organic herb, bark and flower extracts that infuse your skin and hair with vitamins and minerals that insure that your skin and hair attain and maintain the supple and radiant appearance that you deserve.


At Classic Purity, we are also very proud of the fact that when produced and used our products return nothing harmful to our environment.

Today you have many choices in skin and hair care products. My products are a unique exclusive brand of environmentally responsible, clean, healthy incredibly effective prescriptive ingredients for beautiful, healthy skin and hair.


You are most graciously invited to enjoy!

At Classic Purity we use special combinations for each of our products which include the following organic exotic, tropical and traditional  oils and butters:  



Avacado,   Sweet Almond,   Argan,   Baobab,   Borage, Broccoli Seed, Buriti, Carrot (macerated), Castor, Cupuacu,

Camellia Seed,   Cherry Kernel,   Coconut,   Cucumber Seed,

Evening Primrose,   Grapeseed,   Hazelnut,   Hemp,   Jojoba,

Kikuinut, Kokum, Macadamia,   Marula,   Meadowfoam,   Olive,

Palm Kernel,   Pomegranate,  Pumpkin Seed,  Rosehip,

Sea Buckthorn, Sesame Seed, Tamanu, Tepezcohuite Bark, Tucuma and



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