November 3, 2014

Coffee, if consumed in moderation (2 – 3 cups a day) is a very good antioxidant both internally and externally. Most people know that drinking coffee gives the body an energizing boost but drinking coffee (black) also detoxifies the liver which helps to clear and brigh...

October 1, 2014

We work very hard at Classic Purity to keep you informed about all the ways to keep your whole self healthy - skin (body), mind and spirit. I think it is easy to understand that what we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put on our bodies. Water is an...

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Come into the Garden and Rest a While

Recommendation for the Month



Dear Readers


It is beginning to cool down.

And in many parts of the country it is also really windy. It is easy for your skin to become dehydrated. 

A great weapon in the winter battle to maintain skin hydration is to use an' in the shower'' moisturizing oil.

Try our

After Shower Moisture Oil.

This delightful moisturing oil is used in the shower while you are still wet so that the moisture from your shower will be sealed into your skin ensuring great hydration. The addition of ylang ylang essential oil adds soothing nutrients and a comforting relaxing aroma to give you that special spa experience from an ordinary shower.

Blessed Be!



 Pay Attention

Pay attention to how everything you buy is packaged. Can the packaging be reused by you in your home or at work? Can the containers be reused instead of being tossed in the trash? Read your labels. All those chemicals on that label – they WILL end up in your water and in our oceans and in the food that you eat. Do some research on GMOs and why this issue is so important for you and your children. It doesn’t matter what your politics are….these are choices you have to make for yourself. Engage in your own life.


Check out

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Organic Soaps w/ Exotic Oils

Organic Soaps w/ Exotic Oils

Transcend to a new level of skin care with these gorgeous hand crafted treatment bars.

Your face will experience its own special nirvana glow with the Pure, Organic, Wild Crafted Exotic Oils in these divine serums.

Exotic Wildcrafted Body & Hair Balm

Exotic Wildcrafted Body & Hair Balm

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 Exotic Oils Head to Toe

Exotic Oils Head to Toe

You will be enraptured with my Lip Balm, Shampoo Bar and Sunblock with special nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the wild crafted exotic oils.