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Essential Oils vs Fragrances


Many of you have asked me about fragrances. There are so many delightful, luscious ones out there and new ones come out regularly. We made a conscious decision when  this company was founded to concentrate on skin care and health. I am so impressed with many of the soaps and products available that I consider true art.

However, as a company committed to organic products, I have found that Essential Oils fit our aesthetic and determination to provide products that nurture and replenish healthy skin. Essential Oils also contain extra nutrients and properties that Fragrances do not.

There are very real concerns about the sources, sustainability and purity of many of the essential oils on the market today. Sources for verification are important. Recently we have interacted with an organization involved in pursuing the goal of monitoring this situation.

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News Flash for Organic Darlins

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Chemicals used in plastic and soap production linked to lower IQ babies

In the never ending quest for eternal youth, we seem to have lost the ability to distinguish between chronological age and the existence of genuine beauty. Just as sexy can sometimes be beautiful, true real beauty is always sexy because it is authentic.

In the world of skin care we have bandied about the phrase “anti-aging”. I would like to make a correction to what I consider a grave flaw in our industry. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ANTI-AGING. Aging is inevitable…

However, there are ways to age gracefully and healthfully.  These are the issues, ingredients and methods addressed by our company.  Please read the company philosophy (found in the menu), the blogs and be sure to investigate the ingredients and product descriptions that are found on the products pages by clicking on each product. There is an enormous amount of useful healthy advice to how each of us can optimize ‘The Beauty of Graceful Aging’.

Organic Soaps w/ Exotic Oils

Organic Soaps w/ Exotic Oils

Transcend to a new level of skin care with these gorgeous hand crafted treatment bars.

Your face will experience its own special nirvana glow with the Pure, Organic, Wild Crafted Exotic Oils in these divine serums.

Exotic Wildcrafted Body & Hair Balm

Exotic Wildcrafted Body & Hair Balm

Enjoy the luminous glow these tropical butters and wild crafted exotic oils will bring to your skin and hair.

 Exotic Oils Head to Toe

Exotic Oils Head to Toe

You will be enraptured with my Lip Balm, Shampoo Bar and Sunblock with special nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the wild crafted exotic oils.